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    Psycho-Bender MNF!

    I agree it will be a shootout. The last two years we've played the home team completely dominated but I think this time it will be closer. This game is huge for both teams. BOth teams were supposed to be NFC powerhouses but might barely make the playoffs.

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    Psycho-Bender MNF!

    yes ...should be a close one.....the d has been the achillles heel most of the year for the vikings.

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    Psycho-Bender MNF!

    If Julius Jones can go for a 198 yards and 3 TD's vs the Seahawks, our stable of Running backs should be able to do the same, IF we don't abandon the running game (again).

    Also, as pointed out, Seahawks suck on the road!
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    Re: Psycho-Bender MNF!

    "MossWilliamsHenderson" wrote:

    Since the Seahawks lost (Dammit), the Seahawks is going to be :angryfire: coming into our house and CRUSH us to death! :cry:

    My predication score:



    They lost to the cow girls because they suck-- GET A LIFE PAL.

    Vikes 35
    Seagulls 21
    Green Bay police station toilet stolen.

    Cops say they have nothing to go on.

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    Psycho-Bender MNF!

    My call:

    Vikings 38
    Seahawks 23

    Moss will finally get back on track and score twice, once on a long play (40+) and once from inside the ten. And, I can see our defense coming up with at least one big play that hopefully results in a score. Maybe Williams or Udeze forcing a fumble and Henderson or Claiborne scooping it up and running for the TD.

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    Psycho-Bender MNF!

    I tell you what: the Vikes CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE, hence my prediction:

    Vikes 34
    Seattle 17

    We'll see...
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    Psycho-Bender MNF!

    "vikings_fan66" wrote:
    yes ...should be a close one.....the d has been the achillles heel most of the year for the vikings.
    Most definately hitting the nail on the head oh mighty one :notworthy:

    I repeat an earlier post some time I am glad i can't get the game, i would be :shaking: ukeright: on game day this week it will be a nail bitter I just got that feeling... :shock: it's only tuesday night for me and I am already pacing the key boards :downtown: Damm I hate when this happens :banghead:
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    Psycho-Bender MNF!

    We need to win or we are in trouble. They need to win or they are in trouble. It is going to be interesting!

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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