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    Projected Starting Line up

    QB: Christian Ponder

    RB: Adrian Peterson

    FB: Jerome Felton

    WR: Percy Harvin/Greg Childs/Devin Aromashadou

    WR: Jerome Simpson/Jarius Wright

    TE: Kyle Rudolph/ John Carlson

    LT: Matt Kalil

    LG: Charlie Johnson

    C: John Sullivan

    RG: Schwartz

    RT: Loadholt

    Offense Overview: Doesn't look AMAZING on paper, but also doesn't look awful. If Jerome Simpson, and Greg Child reach their true potential, we could start them both, and move percy back as a slot receiver where he shines. The O-line looks MUCH better, and Christian Ponder shouldn't get raped as much this year. With our easy schedule and lack of good defenses we meet early could help us build confidence early. I'm really hoping Childs pans out.

    LE: Brian Robison

    DT: Kevin Williams

    DT: Christian Ballard

    RE: Jared Allen

    LOLB: Erin Henderson

    MLB: Jasper Brinkley

    ROLB: Chad Greenway

    CB: Antione Winfield/Josh Robinson/Bowman

    CB: Chris Cook/Chris Carr/Asher Allen

    FS: Harrison Smith

    SS: Mistral Raymond

    SS is still a big if, so we have to hope either Stanford or Raymond really show up this season. Im predicting that Raymond beats out Stanford. The defense is still good upfront, but we have questions at MLB. Jasper is great against the run, but looks lost in coverage at times. This defense looks good and can hold its own if its not forced to great because the offense is behind.


    I think we go 10-6 overall. I know you guys are thinking im just a crazy fan, but look at our schedule. If we have a few players come on, we aren't a HORRIBLE TEAM. Our main patches were at OL/WR/CB/Backup LB. I think it all revolves around Christian Ponder, and our CBs. I have faith in Ponder, and our CB core looks 1,000,000 times better than last year. Our WR Core looks 1,000,000 times better. Our O-Line is better with good shifts. Matt Kalil solidifies LT, Charlie Johnson will excel at LG. John sully has become a top 15 C, and Schwartz is a good LT, but will be much better at RG. Loadholt hopefully take the next step at RT. Our safeties look better now with Smith. I didn't like a lot of the picks at first and wanted WR WR WR!! I digested the picks and spielman did a great job. He got us a potential starter at WR in Greg Childs. i did my study on this guy, and he seems like a steal, a lot of people had him going in the 2nd round. He ran at 4.52 and 36" vert at the combine. Childs rested, and fully healed 100% and ran a 4.40 and jumped a 42" Vert. We have one of the, if not the best WR coach in the NFL. Im excited 2 see what he can do with him. Josh Robinson is a good coverage corner and he will excel in the zone scheme. He has speed, and is smart. He is like a fast Winfield. I think he will get killed by Calvin Johnson type receivers, but thats why we have Chris Cook. I think he shuts down a lot of slot/speed WRs. Harrison Smith will help us against Finley/Pettigrew. I think with our easy 10 game schedule in the beginning, we can get a head of steam and keep rolling, but it all depends on Ponders development mainly! Childs/Robinson/Smith contribution could help us even more.

    SKOL Vikes, im optimistic about this season.
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    You forgot Jenkins at WR... I don't think 10-6 but I think we can come close to 500% I expect us to be a playoff team two years from now however.

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    You can't just throw a team to gether and done expect growing pains.
    1. Our QB missed considerable time last year and soft more QBs tend to regress as the playbook is open up to them and reads on both sides of the field are expected.

    2. No one knows what we have in Peterson. Gerhert is Average. Looks average almost any solid back in the NFL is a 1000 yard back

    3. WRs need time to adapt to play book. We have 3 new wrs in our starting 5. Expect plenty of blown routes, miss management and lots of plays you simply cannot run because they do not know. Add that to a QB regressing and you have issues

    4. Oline is a fist not 5 individual fingers. They need to learn to play together, trust each other etc. This usually takes a year.

    5. Run defense was pretty bad last year. Nothing done to fix, except Ballard is a year older. Might not even start there. Get Marr a War pig.

    6. New MLB means a new fulltime play caller.

    7. Smith would probably play SS since Raymond is more of the FS build and play. We might even see abduhllah

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    ALL our LB's look lost in coverage... we waited too long to address that position...

    And to Sharper image... You forget one main thing about our team next year.. easy schedule or not... WE STILL HAVE FRAzIER and the rest of those clowns for coaches... no way we sniff 10-6

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    yea, I think 10-6 is going a bit overboard. 6-10 is more of what I will hold the team to next year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tastywaves View Post
    yea, I think 10-6 is going a bit overboard. 6-10 is more of what I will hold the team to next year.
    agreed... minus a game for Frazier just being the head coach... so i guess the over/under is 5... lol

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    That's a sad starting line-up right there.
    Disclaimer: I'm an idiot.

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    LOL... yeah that line up esp. defense is scaring noone!!

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    I think 6-10 is most likely with the potential to surprise a few here and there if our youngsters improve as the season wears on. I love that we get to start with 2 of the other worst teams in the league, so we can get a lil confidence up front before the schedule gets tough! Remember, the defense looked stellar before all the secondary injuries (and, IF the offense did something.)

    Sure, we're looking at a lot of learning curves and chemistry building with all these new starters, but you gotta admit the secondary looks a shit load better with the return of Cook and Winny, additions of Smith and Robinson in the draft, AND, Carr and Bowman through FA! The OL looks to be better with Kalil pushing Charlie to guard, and our speed at WR increased dramatically with Simpson, Wright and Childs!

    Unfortunately, despite Ponder's first full off-season with the team, QBs usually take a step back in year 2 before a step forward in year 3. But, all in all, I'm stoked with the Progress on Paper, and am now willing to be patient for another year before I expect to truly compete for our ultra-competitive division.
    Control the line, control the time, and give your D a chance to shine!!

    "Balance it on end and thats the third side of the coin!!" -wookiefoot

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    6-10 sounds about right to me. We do have a lot of young players, and i don't expect them to be amazing next year. But I think that we are better this year than last.
    Zeus wrote:
    When are you going to realize that picking out the 20 bad throws this year and ignoring the 300 good ones does not make your point?


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