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    Problem starts at the top...

    ...and goes all the way down to the coaching staff...with the trickle-down effect happening to the players.

    The happy-go-lucky, know-nothing owners aren't assertive enough to put the fear of job-loss into the "coaches", and the "coaches" are either too soft or too gutless to get up into the players' faces after they make the same consistent screw ups on the field. These "coaches" (I use that term VERY lightly) are giving ZERO discipline, direction, or focus to the players. Been seeing it waaay too often. Either they come out completely flat to start a game off and get too far behind to catch up, or they get ahead early by a short margin, the other team adjusts to them, and they stay pat...letting the opponent take the reigns of the game, and they're standing there on the sidelines looking like I do after I wake up after a binge-night of drinking.

    Sick of it.....and our few players that are worth a shit on this team are gonna gert sick of it, too. Unless some fundamental changes get made on this team, we're gonna be looking at the same piece of crap in a shiny new toilet bowl.
    An ugly win is better than a pretty loss.

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    Problem starts at the top...

    Been saying that for a while


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