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    Re: pro bowl predictions

    1, Fat Pat
    2. Kevin Williams
    3. Hutchingson
    4. Chad Greenway ( i know but look. Everyone are looking for a rookie just se Lights out last year. Greenway will be DROY

    Thank to Lotza

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    Re: pro bowl predictions

    "cajunvike" wrote:
    What the heck...I predict that all 22 Vikings starters will make the the punter, kicker, returners and the special teams representative!!! :evil4:
    Let's just hope that Childress isn't doing the coaching because then that would mean we lost in the NFC title Game! lmao
    "Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn t work hard."

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    Re: pro bowl predictions

    1. kevin williams- with out a doubt. he missed alot of conditioning time with his injury, and once he got into football shape late in the season he acted like his old self.

    2. pat williams- recieved alot of attention at the end of the season, might make it in.

    3. hutchinson- will make it off of reputation, like most other pro-bowl lineman

    4. birk- will hopefully have a long, injury-free year!

    5. chester taylor- behind our line he should have some pretty good numbers.

    6. darren sharper

    7. tank williams- the big-hitting safety always get in cough*brian dawkins*

    8. kenechi udeze- ONLY if he can stay healthy!!!!!!

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    Re: pro bowl predictions

    Well there are only 6 people on the team who have ever been selected to the Pro Bowl:
    1)Brad Johnson
    2)Tony Richardson
    3)Steve Hutchinson
    4)Koren Robinson
    5)Matt Birk
    6)Darren Sharper

    Hopefully they will all stay healthy because they will be counted on. If they do any one of them could be in the Pro Bowl.

    We can also hope for Pro Bowl performances from Chester Taylor (a tough spot to get at runningback but with Richardson blocking, a West Coast system opening up the running lanes, our O line, and his talent it may be possible), McKinnie (Hutch and Birk will raise his stock), and Erasmus James (I read he may have a breakout year). Let's hope we got our money's worth with Greenway too.

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    Re: pro bowl predictions

    It's tough to say, it all depends on health, winning, playing time, and which guys produce to their full potential. Guys that definitely have a chance:

    K. Robinson
    B. Johnson
    C. Taylor
    M. Birk
    J. Wiggins
    S. Hutchinson
    T. Richardson
    B. McKinnie
    M. Moore
    R. Longwell
    C. Kluwe
    P. Williams
    K. Williams
    A. Winfield
    D. Sharper

    However, I don't see us putting more than 3 or 4 guys in the probowl.

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