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    Re: Pro-Bowl may be looking very Vikings friendly....

    I still do not understand JA as a Backup. Maybe its my purple suglasses

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    Re: Pro-Bowl may be looking very Vikings friendly....

    "gamecocksbaseball31" wrote:
    "Vikeman" wrote:
    "kevoncox" wrote:

    Just a small sample of Writers but if this is the standard. I will be very happy.
    Expected winners
    AD, Hutch, Allen, Pat, Kevin, Greenway, Winfield.

    I think mac should get consideration.
    I am always happy to see Vikes get the rec. they deserve.
    But I am one who NEVER watches the Pro Bowl.
    I can't watch football when it is played at half speed with no heart.
    I know, the injury thing, this game just has no appeal what-so-ever for me.
    Besides, IMO, past performances and popularity play way too big a part in the voting process.
    Much love goes out to Pat Kirwan from this article.
    He picked a lot of Vikings, two of whom I think got snubbed in Chad Greenway and Ryan Longwell.
    How can you not send Longwell over John Carney?
    I actually think Jason Hanson deserves it more then either of the two.

    Thanks PPE for the Sig

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    Re: Pro-Bowl may be looking very Vikings friendly....

    all i have to say is..

    3/4 of our front 4.. is pro bowl bound... !#$%!#$ props!!!

    AW!! bout time!
    i saw the nfl's video of the pics.. and some of the props AW got was top notch.. and well deserved!!

    AP should just make a statue of himself there..

    2 bad mattyB didn't get in.. but he hasn't been the dominant person he wasss.

    I like the fact that this team is producing at a level were the league is recognizing our talent and giving at least the recognition that is begining and has been deserved.

    "We tried to stick with it, but there was a point where we were beating our head against a wall," Seattle Coach Mora talking about running at the Williams Wall

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