I got a bit POed reading all the ALL IN, last chance, going away, retiring, etc. articles this morning.

Jim Souhan: 'All in' is still a risky bet

All in: One more run for Vikings

'Daaaaad' Pat Williams: 'We've got to win it this year'

Is it a farewell tour for starting LBs?

I hope the pressure gets off them, I wouldn't mind the Vikes to go 4-4 in the first half just to get the expectations and pressure off. Then sweep the second half, a 12-4 record, a division champs, and hopefully a first round bye. Be VERY hot going into the playoffs and get the championship.

Also I hate when people say "Make it to the SB" or "Get to the SB", it's only "Win a championship". I don't want to get to the SB and lose AGAIN.