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    Quote Originally Posted by singersp View Post
    If the kid is going to have up & down games, I sure hope we play GB on those good days. Rodgers & GB hasn't looked so good this preseason so far (8-19, 75 yds), albeit it's just preseason for them too. I would love for us to beat them twice this season.
    I'd love for us to beat them even once this season! Even if its week 17 and they're resting all their starters!!! Doh!!
    Control the line, control the time, and give your D a chance to shine!!

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    What a nice game to watch!

    It was a joy to watch this game (even if it was just preseason).
    Why? Because I saw A LOT of positive signs from my favorite team in the world. The Vikings looked good in all phases of the game. The linebackers looked good, Erin, Greenway, and another backup backer (no pun intended) looked great against the run. And Audie Cole... WOW! The player of the game, no scratch that: the player of Week 2 of preseason. I know it's just two plays, but wow I don't think I have ever seen a player make such an impact on two plays. Just think about it for a second!

    Audie Cole scored TWO touchdowns in under 30 seconds... AND HE PLAYS DEFENSE!!!!

    Christian Ponder looks sharp. I like what I see! The tights ends looks very good. We have nice depth here even though the guys behind Rudolph and Carlson are pretty much unknown. As for Rudolph... holy sh*t this guy can be the new Gronkowski. Just stay healthy!

    The receivers are right now the biggest question mark on the team and that makes it the weakest position too in my opinion. Good thing that we are in a very good situation at tight end and running back so it can take some pressure of the WR's.
    BUT... Even the wide receivers left me with a positive impression. Especially Jerome Simpson. This guy can be a star. Him and Percy Harvin could compliment each other in a very good way, but behind those two... HELP!

    As for the running backs, Matt Asiata seems to have a knack of finding open holes and he might not have top speed, but he has good burst and I'll take that over speed any day of the week for a half back. The only other running back who definitely impressed is Toby Gerhart. He is of starter caliber.... and he almost made me not miss Adrian Peterson.... almost.

    The defensive line dominated, and even some of those backups had impressive pass rush (but have to consider that they went against other backups and played in a preferable pass-rush situation). The offensive line looked okay, but didn't pay much attention to it. What I DID pay extra attention to, was the safeties, and I can say that I was very impressed with both the starters. Mistral Raymond is really growing on me and I like his smarts and instincts. Harrison Smith is of the same mold and as of now I like those two to be the starters. I liked how Minnesota played Smith at Free Safety and Raymond at Strong Safety at times. Another safety who impressed, was surprisingly newcomer Andrew Sendejo. He is young and has good safety size. And I like the way he plays. He also looks great on special teams and I think he has outplayed Eric Frampton (who is getting old and is small for a safety). He should make the roster in my opinion. Only other safety I like better at the moment, besides Smith and Raymond, is Jamarca Sanford.

    Oh yeah... and the Blair White project looks VERY nice so far. Longwell who?
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    Quote Originally Posted by HEY View Post
    Matt Asiata seems to have a knack of finding open holes and he might not have top speed, but he has good burst and I'll take that over speed any day of the week for a half back.
    Asiata is one of those names that look great on the back of a jersey. If he pans out, I might have to get me one.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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