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    Re: Predictions for the season now...

    "VikesFan4Life" wrote:
    ...Exactly how many, however, is currently impossible to accurately predict.
    Such a venture could also be considered a slight waste of time...
    And that sentence wasn't?

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    Re: Predictions for the season now...

    They will be 10-6.
    They will beat alot of teams that they arent supposed to on paper.
    I still think our offense will be fine and that it will hinge on the turnover ratio.
    Brad is a great QB in this regard.

    Our O line hasnt had any game experience together and that was the reason for the lackluster performance Monday night.
    I will say that they started to get on the same page on the goal line run and the pivotal 3rd down.
    Also our D will be incredible.
    I am most pleased with how Tomlin has taken this unit and simplified their assignments and is allowing players to make plays rather than relying on schemes and all out blitzes.

    Keep the faith gang were headed to the promise land.
    Divisional crown.

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