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    Predictions for Monday???

    I hear Portis might play, but I'm not too worried about it.
    I think with an improved D and the fact the Redskins O has struggled so badly, it's a win.



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    Re: Predictions for Monday???

    You might be close, as far as the score goes, but if Portis was going to play (but he will only be in a back-up role) always be afraid of a back like that.

    I don't like him.
    He's a punk, but he's definately a game-changer.
    Also, pre-season is for evaluating talent, and , like the Vikings, for implementing new systems.
    Don't always believe what you hear, or see.
    The Vikes' 1st teams were out there longer in the pre-season due to just that!
    They needed the experience in the system.

    But...................on the other side of things, I really don't think that Brunell can last under the pressure.
    Our guys (even the young) in the secondary will give him troubles.

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    Re: Predictions for Monday???

    you guys are forgetting they are like us going through an offensive terminalogy change.We switched to west coast and they got a new offensive co (al saunders) so they need time to gel as much as we do i dont expect a lot of offense in this game...

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    Re: Predictions for Monday???

    Vikes should win this one. All the pundits have the unimaginative call that the team with the better record from the year before will win. But remember, 10-6 sneaking into the playoffs isn't far from 9-7, and the Vikings have only gotten better. Plus, our Coach has beaten the Skins a'plenty.
    Then off to at least a 3-1 start.

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    Re: Predictions for Monday???

    20-10 Vikings win, Redforeskins lose.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Predictions for Monday???

    Skins: 451

    should be a pretty high scoring affair. at least thats how i see it playing out.

    woo out
    just two corn cobs shy of a bushel

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    Re: Predictions for Monday???

    I see two very strong and upcoming D's taking the field tonight and making most of the stories tomorrow...This adds up to a somewhat low score, and some turnovers involved..

    But it will come down to who can move the ball best, controll the clock the best, and make those field goals when they count..

    This adds up to a win for us...

    We have the smarter QB who doesn't make alot of mistakes and we have the better field goal kicker..

    I'm going to say..

    Vikings..... 20



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    Re: Predictions for Monday???

    I say the Vikes take it 14-7.. It will come down down to defense.. We have a smart QB, and our defense is playing much faster then they were last season..

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    Re: Predictions for Monday???

    I'm calling a close one in this game. The Portis situation puts the Skins in a bad spot, however I dont think that this game will be a blow out or anything. Fans who know nothing about the sport think that the vikings lack of star recievers will lead to the 'skins pushing them around. Childress succeeded in philly with no star recievers until the whole TO situation imploded in his face. The Offensive situation is perfect for the WCO. The interesting battle I think will be their offense vs. our D.

    Final score-


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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Predictions for Monday???

    The only way we win this game is with a big performance from our defense. We need turnovers that put us in short field position. I would be surprised if we marched the ball down the field 80+ yards for a score.

    Greg Williams should outcoach Tomlin. The first team to score will probably be the team that wins the game.

    Score fast, and get turnovers.

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