Lovin' last nights game, I was surprised when watching here in the UK that the game was being shown, if anything, was I going to be embarrassed again.
Hell No!
Shouted at the TV all night
I have been reserved to commenting on posts this year, getting a flavor for things, however with half the season gone, is there light at the end of the tunnel?
Childress' play calling is terrible, short dump passes with no realisation of yards to go, will he or wont he start Peterson, its all getting too much.

T Jack will start (if fit) next week, but at least Chilly can be confident in Bolly as back-up,
(does Bolly see the long throw better than TJack, or does Chilly not give him the big play?)

Dare I put the 'kiss of death' on things by saying we have a good chance with this form at winning 5 more games for sure:
Raiders, Bears, 49ers, Skins and Broncos.
Even two more on top of that with rivalry against Puckers + Lions to come.
Only difficult game being Giants as on the road.
Possible 10-6 !!!!

My only fear for the season if we do have a losing record is that Chilly will keep his job saved by the performance of two rookies he drafted, Peterson + Rice.

PS. I was sad to see only 5 other Vikes at the Webmley game last week, maybe last nights game and new viewers to live NFL games this week will convert them, otherwise more Colts + Pats fans!!