"BloodyHorns82" wrote:
"jmcdon00" wrote:
It's still plenty early but I wanted to throw the idea out there of renting a house for the weekend. This would allow the PPO group to hang out a little extra as well as save some money on food, and depending on how many people wanted to go in it might not be much more money than a hotel.
Here's one I found.
8 people(4 bedroom) for 3 nights $900. Plus it's on a lake.

I'd be down...$900 for 3 days seems pricey though.
Worth it IMO to be right on a lake but I bet we could do something cheaper if enough interest isn't generated.

I rented a house in Lake Havasu for a full week for like $900.00.
It was a huge house with a big screen TV and a swimming pool, 3 Bedrooms.
I would think real estate would be cheaper in Cleveland, but that's only an assumption.

Who else is down for this!?
You know I would be.