Hey guys! I've come up with my second week of rankings and wanted to post them here. Let me know what you think! Am I somewhat sane or have I completely fallen off the bus?

Power Blitz Rankings: Week 2

(Items in parentheses are from the previous week's rankings)

#10 - Packers - (13) - Last week, Aaron Rodgers was able to show that he can be an effective quarterback. He looked alot different than he did in the beginning of the preseason. If he can continue to show his effectiveness, then this team should continue to do well.

#15 - Vikings - (8) - The Vikings were one score away from winning at Lambeau but Jackson wasn't able to make the big plays when needed. Not only that, but what happened to the passing attack in the first half? The Vikings have a great running back in Peterson but he can't handle it all. Even some of those short 10-15 yard passes help. Also, the defense needs to work on their pass coverage. This was a weak spot last year and was once again exposed in the season opener.

#16 - Bears - (27) - Last week, the Bears were able to run all over Manning and the Colts. Not only on defense but the offense as well. I thought the defense would still be good but I didn't expect for them to be able to move the ball down the field. Their pickup of running back Forte seems to have really paid off. We'll have to see if this was just a stroke of good luck though and this week they face the Panthers who are also coming off a big win in week 1.

#30 - Lions - (26) - My first question for this team is, do you even have a defense? Did they forget to board the plane or something? The defense allowed 474 yards of offense. Of this total, 318 was rushing yards. This makes me wonder if the guys on defense really want to play or not. The offensive side wasn't great either. Former Pro Bowler Rudi Johnson ran for only 14 of the 62 total rushing yards. That's pretty sad.

You can check out the full rankings that I've posted on my site here - http://www.vikingsblitz.com/coming-a...gs-week-2.html