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    Re: Possible safety battle?

    "VKG4LFE" wrote:
    What about Dustin Fox? Is he off our roster now?
    They've moved Fox to CB. Childress said he allways saw him as a CB.

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    Re: Possible safety battle?

    dont think whitaker wil even make dime Vikeman?

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    Re: Possible safety battle?

    "VikemanX84" wrote:
    I'm Fairly confident that Tank Williams will start the season at Strong Safety, I don't know if he'll finish it that way though.

    Willie Offord will definitely compete for time, but he has typically taken two years to learn a defense, so his oppertunity may have passed him by when he got injured last year.

    I see our secondary on opening day being:

    FS - Sharper, Grifith
    SS - Williams, Offord
    1CB - Winfield
    2CB - Smoot
    3CB - Fox
    Dime - Grifith/Edwards
    I'm sure Edwards will be on the team, but whether he is just a special teamer or not is up too how well Grifith can play the Corner Position.

    At Linebacker I see:
    WILL - Greenway, Dontarious Thomas
    Mike - Harris, DT/Henderson
    Sam - Henderson, Leber

    And on the line:
    1DE - Udeze, Darion Scott, Ray Edwards
    2DE - James, Darion Scott, Ray Edwards
    1DT - Williams
    2DT - Williams
    I like your lineup, but I'm sure that Leber will start in front of Henderson.. Also, I wouldn't be suprised if Darion Scott gave Udeze a run for his money during the upcoming pre-season camp......One thing for sure, Udeze needs to come in healthy and stay that way....


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    Re: Possible safety battle?

    I like how solid the Vikes D looks. Plenty of depth. It is good to have someone solid challenging your spot. And the young guys are learning from some pretty good veterans of the game in Winfield, Sharper, Tank and Pat Williams. Linebacker still scares me. Maybe Vikes should sign Junior for a veteran presence.

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    Re: Possible safety battle?

    As for the safety battle, Tank is two years removed from a torn ACL and Offord is one year removed. That alone give Tank the edge. Blue is a rookie so I doubt he wins the job.

    I have to admit, I said WTF! when Blue was picked. I don't dislike the guy but how many hard hitting safeties do you need? I thought two was plenty enough myself. Tank, Offord and Blue are essentially the same guy. I would have prefered a DT or LB prospect.

    Must have been a best player available pick.

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