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    Re: Possible June cap cuts?

    The June 1st cuts are reserved for guys who have asalaray cap figure that is too large, and the team can't afford to cut them before June 1st. After June 1st, you can spread the cap hit from cutting a guy over 2 years, thus making the move affordable. Though I don't know the current figures, I know the Vikes went into the offseason with plenty of room under the cap, and therefore, no need to take advatage of the June 1st rule. Now, maybe some guys may still get cut this offseason, but it won't be for cap reasons, so they wouldn't be a "june 1st cut" in the traditional meaning of the term.

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    Re: Possible June cap cuts?

    "chippewavike" wrote:
    campbell is the fastest guy on this team why give up the talent we might need it for must need 4th/3rd downs.. maybe for hail marys, don't forget he can also cacth. get rid of onterrio hes getting the medias attention right now.
    [size=7px] [/size]

    Campbell is still facing a possible jail term
    I wouldn't be to quick to think he'll be here.
    He commited a crime smith just used very poor
    judgement. :???:
    Green Bay police station toilet stolen.

    Cops say they have nothing to go on.

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    Re: Possible June cap cuts?

    "audioghost" wrote:
    "PurplePackerEater" wrote:
    "purplepat" wrote:
    Campbell will not be a "cap cut". He doesn't make jack squat to start with. Now, he might just get cut because the Vikings don't need his gun-totin, weed-tokin, end zone dancin tomfoolery.

    I don't foresee any cap cuts by the Vikings at all.
    Mixon wasn't making much and he got cut. It doesn't always have to do with salaries.
    According to, Mixon made over 2million alone in 2004. Does he deserve 2mil? Not when dudes like K. Williams didn't break 1mil! Thats for sure!
    Hold on there big nuts, we're not talking about 04 anymore. It's now 2005 and Kenny restructured his contract for the league minimum. :wink:

    Besides, Kevin Williams is under a rookie contract, not as a free agent.

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    Re: Possible June cap cuts?

    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    "cajunvike" wrote:
    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    "KY Vike" wrote:
    Campbell is baller.
    Your right. He will be "balling" when they cut his sorry butt! :cry:
    That would be bawling...but whose counting! :cry:
    I realize that. But, some might not have made the connection...if you know what I mean Mr. Grammar. :wink:
    Oh, quit your ballin'! :lol:

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