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Thread: Positive Notes

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    Life After Moss

    As Packer fans have been given a look at what their cheese franchise will look like after Favre leaves several times this looks bad with him :wink: , we Viking fans have seen what the future holds without Moss. Scary. I didn't think we would see it this season, but when it rains it pours.

    Already down a starting right tackle, starting TE/Fullback, nickleback, runningback, Starting LB, and now losing the "Best" wide reciever in the league is painfull.
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    Positive Notes

    I blame the offense for this game. They had several turnovers that led to 17 or so giants points. Had we not turned the ball over, the results would be different. The defense in my opionion did the job but were put on the field way too many times thanx to the offense messing up and the special teams being horrible as it has all season long.
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    Positive Notes

    "cheesefree" wrote:
    Well Tiki didn't burn the Vikes for 190 yards like he did in Green Bay. It's not like the Giants were some offensive juggernaut, Warner only had 144 yards passing. I guess the Vikings defense played fairly well, it would have helped if the Vikings offense showed up to play. Not many positives they can take from this one.
    Our D played admirably considering they were playing on a short field all damn day!

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    Positive Notes

    The positive fact is this:

    We beat ourselves. We should have had a FG and TD before half. When we trn the ball over 3 times, we are probably going to lose. Just like in the Eagles game.

    The Giants have the highest takeaways to turnover ratio in the league(not because of our ame alone). The have been a good D all season.

    We out distanced them in total yards.
    Time Of Pos. 32:28 27:32(V)
    Total Net Yards 283 324(V) the 300 plus streak is sstill intact(rather have the win though).
    Net Yards Rushing 168 93(V)
    Avg. Per Rush 4.3 4.7(V)
    Net Yards Passing 115 231(V)

    We held Tiki to 101 yds and we never gave up the big one. He has had a lot of 20 plus yard TD runs and passes this year.

    If we would have gotten some of the 3 fumbles and the INT in the endzone that the Giants tried to fork over, it may have very well been a different story.

    We also got a legitimate Running TD from 10 yds out by BENNETT!

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