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    Ponder Works Out At Manning Passing Academy

    Don't know if anyone's posted this yet, but a pretty cool little video from

    One thing about Ponder - regardless of whether or not you think he is going to be awesome, I think that everyone should respect his demeanor. He is a smart kid with a Master's Degree (which is tough, trust me - I have the same MBA) and he says all the right things. He is super into football and a hard worker, which is not the story with several others who start getting their paychecks and want to be an 'icon' more than a football player. I really like this kid and, if he does not succeed, it won't be because he didn't work hard enough...

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    Re: Ponder Works Out At Manning Passing Academy

    He has taken this challenge full on. I havent heard any of the other rookies saying that they are going to challenge the 12 year vet QB for the starting job. I have feeling that Ponder is going to become the next Peyton. I know thats unjustified, but they have alot in common and it starts with thier work ethic. I loved the pick at 12 and think that one day they will be talking about how 11 other teams passed up on him.

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    Re: Ponder Works Out At Manning Passing Academy

    I like his work ethic and his attitude. Hopefully he can break us out of the washed up retread qb mode once and for all but lets see how he adapts to the NFL and if his body can match his mind

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