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    Ponder and the shotgun

    Christian Ponder and the shotgun

    About 77 percent of quarterback Christian Ponder's passes have come from the shotgun formation, a significantly higher ratio than the 2012 regular season.
    Vikings: Christian Ponder and the shotgun - NFC North Blog - ESPN

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    Ponder doesn't have the smarts to dump the ball.
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    "With some of the success he had for us last season," said Frazier, via Ben Goessling of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, "a lot of it happened when he was in the 'gun.' We want to play to his strong suits, and that's one of them: putting him in the gun, where he'll be able to see things."
    The shotgun gives an advantage of position. Unless Ponder has difficulty making reads while at the line and dropping back, it does not allow him to "see things" better. The shotgun forces the quarterback to take his eyes off the field to catch the snap. He then has to reacquire his reads and targets. Some quarterbacks do that well, while other quarterbacks lose defenders and make worse reads. The shotgun does provide more time, but again, it only helps if the quarterback can reacquire quickly.


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