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    Ponder--The Scrambler II?

    I loved what I saw from our rookie last night. The kid has the eyes in the back of his head thing going like you see from the great QB's. A couple of times I thought he was going to be smashed and at the last second he squirts out and runs down the field.

    Daunte Culpepper was a great running QB, Rich Gannon was pretty fleet of foot but Ponder reminds me the most of Tarkenton and his ability to avoid teh sacks and rush.

    And he made a couple of good throws along with some rookie mistakes.

    I think we got a good one here folks. Crossing my fingers.

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    Re: Ponder--The Scrambler II?

    It's all well and good but he also needs to learn to stand in the pocket a bit longer and learn the great NFL QB's are pocket passers and not scramblers.

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    Re: Ponder--The Scrambler II?

    Yep he's done some good and bad things thus far, but in my mind he's shown more poise than TJoke ever did. At least there are no jump passes.

    I think it's a fair assessment of him to say he's a little gun shy in the pocket but our line isn't exactly a fortress either. A lot of his scrambles happen because he has to or get killed.

    I would rather a QB learn to scramble under a mediocre line and develop his instincts/internal clock, than have a line right out of the gate that you can stand there all day and "pocket pass". I think it is good that he is well aware that they can come closing in at any point.

    He will settle down as our line settles down and he finds his timing/rhythm. He's going to be good.
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    Re: Ponder--The Scrambler II?

    Haven't seen the game yet, but by all accounts, and what I've seen in previous games he does stand in the pocket well.

    To tell the truth, this is really the first game he's tucked it and run.

    3 first game, 1 second game, 8 against Houston.
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