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    Quote Originally Posted by 2beersTommy View Post
    make him a DB then..isnt that what they do with Wr's who cant catch?

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    It takes years for a player to learn a DB position. This is not an X-Box game.

    Why not try Webb as a running back? Please don't tell us he cannot take a hand-off either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeus View Post
    Here's the thing about Webb - his accuracy should have progressed more than it has at this point. And, as to turning him into a WR, I have heard from good sources that he can't catch.

    Good sources lol. I feel better now.

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    Another good decision right along with the Jefferson move. What was Sage giving us?

    Guaranteed wins? Don't think so, this team is a team under development. There is no more room to develop Sage.

    Help in the "Develop the young QB's" area? Again, don't think so. Coaches coach, players play.

    IMHO its time to jettison some of our other older declining players while we can get something for them and add to the talent pool next year and keep building this team the way it should be.

    Follow on question still remains. We have lots of young talent with potential but do we have the coaches to exploit that potential.

    Our first game this weekend should give us a good insight into that question.
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