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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger View Post
    Ponder: 81.2 QBR, 62.1%, 2935 yds, 6.1 avg, 18 tds / 12 ints
    Cutler: 81.3 QBR, 58.8 %, 3033 yds, 7.0 avg, 19 tds / 14 ints
    Stafford: 78.9 QBR, 59.8 %, 4967 yds, 6.8 avg, 20 tds / 17 ints

    Ponder, in his second year, appears to be holding his own. This division, following quarterbacks and teams, is clearly Green Bay, then everybody else. The difference is, Cutler is probably not going to be anybody other than the Cutler we've seen. Stafford and Ponder still might improve, and I'd say the stacked boxes against Peterson are offset by the fact that Stafford has a much better group of receivers.

    Lets not be too quick to write off Ponder. He's still a baby, and just because recent young quarterbacks have had immediate success (Newton, Luck, RGIII, Dalton, Ryan, Flacco) doesn't mean that they all can. Some need time (Brees), and some of those young players have regressed from their stellar rookie campaigns (Newton, Dalton).
    Cutler also missed a few games, so obviously if he played all 16 games his numbers would have been better than Ponder's easily. I am not sold on Ponder at all, but the way he played the final few games of the season, and if they get him some much needed help at WR, he deserves to be the starter next year. With that being said, it doesn't matter how good the WR is if he is constantly being overthrown, or underthrown. That is the problem with Ponder, and he makes some awful decisions at times, which I hope lessens next season. All I know is that there are no more excuses left for him, they finished 10-6 with Harvin missing 6-7 games, and no other household names at WR. If they lock up Harvin long term, and go out and get another playmaker at WR, he will need to play at a high level to keep his job beyond next season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NodakPaul View Post
    Regarding the animosity toward Ponder or Jackson, I actually think that Ponder and Jackson have about the same amount of haters and venom.
    If you believe that, how many threads do you believe have been started for the sole purpose of bashing Jackson?

    Now, how many threads do you believe have been started for the sole purpose of bashing Ponder?

    That one alone proves CmacD's point. Hell, there have been way more threads bashing Jackson since he became a Seahawk than there has been against Ponder.

    BTW, I believe your wrong claiming Jackson was horribly more inaccurate than Ponder. Ponder just seems more accurate because he threw more 5 yard passes & passes behind the LOS than anything farther down field.

    If you compare the year Jackson got the start for us at the beginning of the year & compare that to Ponder's 2012 year;

    Pass Thrown Behind LOS TJ 62.2%, Ponder 79.8%
    Pass Thrown 1-10 yds TJ 67.3%, Ponder 66.2%
    Pass Thrown 11-20 yds TJ 59.6%, Ponder 45.5&%
    Pass Thrown 21-30 yds TJ 12.5%, Ponder 19.0%
    Pass Thrown 31+ yds TJ 10.0%, Ponder 9.1%

    I also don't believe our pass protection was greater in 2008, nor was our primary WR's that much greater. Our WR's in 2007 were Wade, Rice, Ferguson & Williamson. Compare that to Harvin, Simpson, Jenkins, Wright & Aromashodu

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    Quote Originally Posted by NodakPaul View Post
    The part in bold I disagree with. I would have agreed halfway through the season, but I saw a definite improvement in his pocket presence and comfort level in the last quarter. If anything, that is what allowed him to perform as well as he did the last four weeks.

    My complaint with Ponder is more related to arm strength - he simply doesn't have the strength to get the ball down field with enough velocity. It makes his long throws that much easier to defend against, and virtually eliminates the middle of the field past 20 yards. Now I know as well as everyone else that this can be overcome - look at Alex Smith, he is in the exact same boat. And arm strength is second to accuracy and poise - look at Joe Webb. But it still frustrates me.

    I do like how Musgrave tweaked the offense to take better advantage of our strengths and hide our weaknesses. I also understand that Ponder played well enough in the last four games to earn a spot on next years roster, although I would personally rather see him compete for the starting spot. I am cautiously optimistic for next year, but I think that stems more from the potential of new talent more than the potential for Ponder to become a great QB. He is an average, maybe slightly above average QB. But given the quality of QBs out there (or lack there of), that may be the best option available.
    I agree it got better over time, but there were still plenty of times when he did not let the pocket get created without getting jittery. I can't really blame the guy, I wouldn't want to get my brain bashed in either. Obviously, we need our O-line to give him the time, I just see him not trusting them to keep him a pocket.

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