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It was just as much Sully's fault as it was Ponders. Both came to the line, read the defense and completely gaffed on the blitz to the point that Ponder doesn't get off his first read to the other side (were the blitz came from) were two receivers (Wright and Rudy) were open and Sully helps Fusco double a guy leaving his gap wide open.
You don't always know if a guy is coming. How about Ponder missing the hot key in Rudolph. He saw the blitz...and the play has a bilt in check down if a bliz come. Rudolph turns expecting the pass from the hot read but it never comes. Ponder instead decides to stare down the primary WR and force a pass in between 2 defenders. He had Rudolph wide open for an easy completion and YAC.
Marty has no clue how to evaluate QBs.