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    Quote Originally Posted by Caine View Post
    According to Ponder, "yeah, they had some pretty exotic defenses. Ya know, some times they would line up with eleven guys, which we see a lot, but sometimes they would put guys in different places. Like , one time, they put a guy on the left side, and on the next play, he was on the right side. It was really exotic. And I was like, "Dudes, that guy was on the left last time", and they were all like, "Damn, that's exotic""

    Ponder went on to say that he thought the miscolored Viking helmets were exotic, counting to eleven was exotic, the idea of completing a pass was exotic, his favorite kind of dancing was exotic, and that eating poison was exotic. We're pretty sure he meant toxic for the last one.

    When asked about Cordarrelle Patterson he replied, "He runs some pretty exotic routes. One time, he cut inside...and once he ran outside...and once he ran straight....I mean, dang!!! That's exotic!!"

    Ponder also claimed that it would be exotic if Cordarrelle caught a pass, or if the Vikings won a game. Ponder went on to say that he really likes the word exotic, and would like it to be his nickname. "Cuz, like, I'm exotic, or exoticy....yeah, I like exoticy. Cuz, like, sometimes when I'm playing Xbox, I can even FEEL the plays before I call I'm exoticy or something".

    ROTFL!!! I almost missed reading that.

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    Christian Ponder’s confusion against Buffalo’s defense speaks to a larger issue

    The All-22: Christian Ponder’s confusion against Buffalo’s defense speaks to a larger*issue | Audibles -
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    Maybe he should listen to Jennings ... trust your receivers .... throw the freaking ball down field.

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