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"singersp" wrote:
Here's a thought.....Don't send a S.W.A.T team to the dome.

I wonder if the added security is something the Vikings requested or if the city just does it. It wouldn't seem fair to charge them for services they didn't request.

Furthermore, with the Vikings leasing the dome & not being the owners of it, shouldn't the onus fall into the lap of the Minnesota Metropolitan Sports Commision.

What about when the Twins played? Was there added security then as well?
I would guess that the smaller crowd and the conditions surrounding baseball would warrant less police presence at the Twins games.
LOL, the twins aren't a part of a violent aggressive sport.
This is what I was talking about with the McKinnie thing.

Make the dome pay for it.
I agree. The owners of the dome should pay for it.

As to the Twins & a non-violent sport being involved, that doesn't even come into play IMO. The security was heightened up after 911 & it wasn't because of the nature of the sport as it was targeting a large mass of people.

How many people attend a Twins or other MLB game compared to the number of people that were in the twin towers?

As far as Wilf looking outside of downtown Minneapolis instead of paying for extra security he probably didn't ask for, it could very well play a big factor in it. It won't be long before the city makes them pay the full amount which would equate to over 1/4 of a million dollars a year.

I believe he's also looking at those options anyways. The fact that he withdrew his offer on the Star Tribune building & lost interest in the other property adjacent to the dome, despite stating before he needs extra properties to expand the area for the stadium & the fact that the city of Minneapolis stated they would not increase sales tax again to help finance a new stadium, leads me to believe he is indeed looking elsewhere.