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"PackSux!" wrote:
"C" wrote:
Childress has also not released the names of the players sitting out of Friday's game (the only NFC North coach not to do so) and has not chosen a starting QB, leading to a testy last day of practice.

Fire Childress.
Now that you totally pulled out of your jiggly butt.

Did you not read any articles and player quotes on what happened that last day?

The players said they got testy with each other after two defensive backs sandwiched Percy harvin and almost injured him when they were not even supposed to be tackling.

Get your facts straight Cmac, just like you tell others to do.
I'm not denying I pulled that out of my jiggly butt, settle down.

I will find any and all reason to blame Childress for anything. Did you not know this already?

I'll try to be more clear about this in the future.
My bad, I had thought you changed.