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    playoffs for the vikes

    well me made with the 60 ayrd attemp by carolina being blocked so with the 5th wildcard were in the playoffs, not exaclty the way i would want to get in but ill take. and hope that the vikes can do something with it...

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    playoffs for the vikes

    welcome to the playoffs Vikes! however, it would have been nice if they would have earned with the win. but the other teams played great--Saints and Jets <sarcasm>.

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    playoffs for the vikes

    In honor of the Vikes making the playoffs, I will dust off my Cris Carter jersey for the game next week.


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    playoffs for the vikes

    I've had my Carter ( Chris and Anthony) and Randle jerseys out the last three weeks hoping that the teams luck would change. : (
    Next week Tommy Kramer

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