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    Re: Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?!?

    Bears lose next week...we beat the fudge packers...and we're only one down!

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    Re: Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?!?

    We have a favorable scehdule compared to everyone else in the division. If we beat the teams that we should beat like we have all season, this team is playoff bound. I do not see the Lions or Bears getting hot down the stretch.

    Because we are 4-5 we have a lot of must-win games if we want to make the playoffs. There is a lot of pressure to win our next three. If we pull it off we'll do it while the Bears face tough teams, as do the Lions. If we win the next three we should be in 1st place in the division.
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    Thanks Josdin!

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    Re: Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?!?

    cant wait until the final game, which i hope to be a showdown for the division. THANK GOD its a home game.
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    Re: Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?!?

    we can do it, i have faith in the vikes

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    Re: Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?!?

    "snowinapril" wrote:
    Ya, the D still needs toimprove. Even on that Sharper INT 4 a TD, they were marching, the next series they moved down field and got a FG.

    I am happy that they played better in the red zone.

    Tiki had a lot of yards. I think the goal must have been just to keep Tiki in front of them and not let him break one. We weren't as run D conscious this week. If we had more confidence in our pass D(this week), I think we could have played mor Run D.
    i agree but against the Giants offense there is no way you can stop them from getting yards, we held when we needed to.

    i also think our pass rush was hurt from the lack of time our offense was out on the field, our front four looked pretty tired at the end.

    i think with our schedule if we keep putting forth the effort we have put in the last two weeks we should have a good shot. we aren't turning the ball over anymore and we have been playing a pretty solid field position game with Kluwe punting the ball 50+ yards and Johnson not turning the ball over.

    Thanks Josdin

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    Re: Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?!?

    Yes we are going to the playoff. That what a new owner wants and that what he shall have. Tice wants to keep his FAT paying job. What else will he do to make a million a year. (Don't answer ticket scalper hehe)

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    Re: Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?!?

    playoffs? with our record we have to win the division to do that and chicago is getting too far ahead. but chicago sucks so i don't expect them to win the division
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