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    playoff scenerios

    [size=9px]These are my predictions for the week and what I believe the playoff picture will look like at the end of next sunday...This is granted Seattle wins tonight as well.

    Philly and Atlanta will win.
    Green Bay will beat Detroit
    Minnesota will beat Seattle hands down
    Carolina will beat a battered St. Louis team at home (Marc Bulger will not play in this one)
    Baltimore beats New York
    San Diego Beats Tampa

    That puts the playoff picture like this...
    1) Philadelphia 12-1 HFA
    2) Atlanta 10-3 BYE
    3) Green Bay 8-5
    4) Seattle 7-6
    5) Minnesota 8-5
    6) CAROLINA 6-7
    St. Louis 6-7
    Detroit, Chicago, New York Tampa Bay - 5-8

    *Granted a scenario like this happens, Both the Packers and Vikes are up 2 games with only 3 games remaining. This would all but put the Packers in the Playoffs because they have tie breakers over Carolina and St. Louis.[/size]

    I agree with JWalk save for one thing, I think Dallas will beat a struggling Seattle team tonight making the standings a little like this also I think the Saints will beat Dallas next week
    1) Eagles 12-1 First Round Bye
    2) Falcons 10-3 Division Champs
    3) Packers 8-5
    4) Rams 6-7
    5) Vikings 8-5
    6) Seattle 6-7 (Based on a head to head tiebreaker with Carolina)
    Carolina 6-7
    Giants Bears Lions Bucs Cowboys and Saints tied at 5-8
    This scenario would have the Pack and Vikings fighting for the division and basically both in the playoffs

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    playoff scenerios

    i agree with jwalk

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    playoff scenerios

    if falcons lose at least three more and vikes win the rest do we get 2nd seed?

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