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    Player appearances this weekend?

    So i'm making my 5th trip this season from Rockford, IL to see my vikes and want to know if there are any players making appearances up there on saturday. I know this goes down every once in a while but i can't find much info anywhere. Anybody know of anywhere having sessions? Thanks in advance, and if you haven't bought a ticket to the game yet...go look in your couch for change and get on ticketmaster. ;D

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    Re: Player appearances this weekend?

    There is usually a booth on the plaza where some of the vets sign autographs.

    Bob Lurtzema & Bill "Boom Boom" Brown are around frequently.

    I wouldn't be surprised if I saw Carl Eller or Chuck Foreman there either. If Chuck is there, it's quite possible he'll stop at the PP.O tailgate as he has twice this season already.

    As far as official notices, I haven't seen any.

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    Re: Player appearances this weekend?

    Carl Eller usually has a stand on the third floor of the Mall of America also. That is how I got to meet him and get a signed football that is personalized. Yeah he charges for the autograph but it is still neat to have a ball that has a personal message from Carl Eller on it.

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    Re: Player appearances this weekend?

    I appreciate it guys.

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