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    Plan is coming together-article

    Wilf very happy with direction Vikings are headed

    EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. (AP) -- An incredibly busy free agent season is winding to a close, and Minnesota Vikings owner Zygi Wilf couldn't be happier with how his newly hired football bosses pulled it off.

    "We did a lot of different changes here. ... It's a big change," Wilf said in a recent interview with The Associated Press. "It's exciting because it's really starting to feel like our team," Wilf said. "Before it was someone else's team. Now it's our team."
    Entire Article

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    Re: Plan is coming together-article

    Time will tell.

    FA signings mean very little to me until I see how well they perform in what enviroment our coaching staff puts them in.

    All I take from this offseason so far, if the Vikings have a great new lineman, and they don't care to resign the free agent Vikings players. They are opting for a different mix.

    That and we will not be able to use lack of money spending as an excuse. It will fall directly on the team and the coaches.

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    Re: Plan is coming together-article

    That is right Wilf, it does feel like your team.

    It doesn't feel like my team at all................I guess it will take me some time.

    "We spent our money wisely and we were focused and I think we've grown the nucleus of our team to I think greater heights," Wilf said. "Then again, the next couple seasons will tell the story. We're looking long-term here. ... It takes time for a team, both the players and the coaching staff to really meld together, and that's something as a new owner I don't really know how long it will take."
    I think we did spend our money wisely.

    It scares me a bit about the time to "meld" comment. It is totally expected though. For all of you that think our team is better, I agree with Del's statement above, that what we did this offseason won't be seen until we see how the Coaches coach and the Players play in new surroundings. We just went through more drastic changes than last year and where did we end up.

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    Re: Plan is coming together-article

    Already posted.

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    Re: Plan Coming Together

    Since I'm living in Groundhog Day I'll go ahead and say the same thing over and over and over again. It seems reasonable to be optimistic just knowing that there is a new coaching staff. That is enough of a reason for me to be ecstatic. The team had a winning record last year with Homer Simpson and his staff coaching. There are theoretical upgrades at some positions and a new coaching staff. I remain cautiously optimistic about next year and very optimistic about the future.

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    Re: Plan Coming Together

    I like the direction our ship is sailing now. With Tice, it felt like our team was just slapped together at the last minute & threw them on the field. Now it seems we are aiming at becoming a "Team". This is huge, and we have great leaders now!

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    Re: Plan Coming Together

    "DiehardVikesFan" wrote:
    "chilifoot" wrote:
    i think they expect to make the playoffs, and their main goal of course, as every team's should be, is to win the Superbowl, but they don't want to mortgage the future in order to do so either, because a franchise is so much more than just one championship
    How would we know that? :grin:
    we don't.... but we can only hope i guess

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