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    Re: Place For Bennett?

    "ejmat" wrote:

    In my opinion it was his all around best game of his career. He was consistent. If you can name other games that were better (as consistent) then maybe I'll change my opinion. Sure he had other games where he had more yardage but it was because of a 60 or 80 yard run. He didn't do too well the rest of those games. This game he was consistent.

    As far as jumping on and off the banwagon, maybe you missed some of last weeks posts. Let's face it. He hasn't been the most consistent player. He had a great game Sunday and I am happy for him. I'd love to see him continue. I know you are above putting people down for their opinions. That's not you. If you think he had better all around games than so be it. I won't argue with you. I personally don't think he has.
    Here are the stats from his best year. Granted, the big games he had some big runs but he still would've had a pretty good game.

    I know what you are saying though. He looked like he was out to send a message Sunday that he still can be a dangerous RB.

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    Re: Place For Bennett?

    Hey UV,

    I don't think you posted the stats but I'm thinking you are talking about 2002 when he had 1296 yards. Without looking, I believe he averaged 5.1 YPC. Very good stats but if you consider 3 of those runs were for like 210 yards, and put 252 (255 minus those 3 carries) carries into 1086 yards it comes out to about 4.33 YPC. Not too shabby. However his best amount other then that year was like 680 or something like that.

    When you look at his YPC I think he's in the range of a little over 4 for his career. Again, not shabby. But when you consider he has to run ten yards on 1 carry to make up for -2 or 3 on three other carries, it's not a good thing.

    Granted, the guy is a great athlete with a lot of speed. Good potential! But he still hasn't proven to me he is a good RB. When he starts finding and / or creating holes like he did on Sunday consistently then I will jump on the banwagon and shut my idiotic mouth or slow my dumb-@$$ fingers when I type about him. I think a few more games like he had I will believe. I really can't let one game change my mind about his RB abilities. He can be a dangerous RB. He can be explosive. I'd love to see that.

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