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    Pistons vs. Nuggets Game WOW!!!

    Did you see the game last night?
    There were 1.5 seconds left on the clock and all the Nuggets had to do was inbound the ball since they were up 3 and had possession.
    They ended up having it stolen and Rasheed Wallace hit a 60ft shot to tie it up.
    Then the pistons won in OT.

    Sorry cause I know it has nothing to do with the vikings but I just thought it was unbelievable.

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    Re: Pistons vs. Nuggets Game WOW!!!

    Ok dude...I know I have PM'd you before about posting netiquette.

    This thread is in the Vikings Fan Forum.
    Your Pistons vs. Nuggets thread has absolutely nothing, zip, zero to do with the Minnesota Vikings. topics in the proper forums.

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