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Thread: PISSED!

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    Re: PISSED!

    "SportsManiac332" wrote:
    Is anyone else absolutly pissed that the vikings are doing NOTHING in free agency and letting go key guys? I mean didnt ziggi say he "would do anything to bring a championship to Minnesota"? i know it's still early but i can't help feeling like in stuck on a train headed the completely wrong direction.
    Let me know what u guys think.
    maybe one of you can say something to make me feel atleast a little better about the Vikings Org.
    Whew! Feeling a little of that Vikes fan frustration? Welcome to the real world. But even though we are all frustrated at one time or another with our Beloved Vikings we keep the faith it is what substains us disappoitment after disappointment, because of that faith and love for the TEAM we are able to start each offseason with eternal hope and optimism that future will bring good things for our TEAM. Keep the faith, lose the fear and anger. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hatred and that leads to becoming a Packer fan.

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    Re: PISSED!

    I have been feeling that too.
    My wife asked me why I follow the Vikes every year when all they do is upset me? I have to follow em.
    Their my TEAM
    Tuco the world.....

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    Re: PISSED!

    Hey Everyone, the title of this post caught my attention for my first post.
    I'm with you Rattz, IMO the free agents this year were sub-par to sign them for long-term deals, especially with the cap increase gouging and why not use the extra money to lock up our core players.
    I'm already starting to collect jerseys of some of our current and recently former players before they go HoF, and no, I don't have a Moss jersey.
    Hope to become a regular now that I've found this sight.
    Not much support living in Bronco country where Bowlen spoils the fans.
    Here's a toast to the draft and future viking greats!

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    Re: PISSED!

    Welcome to the site, rpm!
    Now go post an introduction thread in the Free Beer forum and tell us about yourself! ;D

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    Re: PISSED!

    I'm not real worried about what we do. We've gone wild in FA before and it came back to bite us in the a$$ (ie Denard Walker), maybe this year we don't go wild and it will help us!

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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    Re: PISSED!

    "PurplePeopleEaters" wrote:
    "Rattz" wrote:
    As I posted in another thread.

    Get real.

    This is a weak, weak free agent pool.

    The Vikings need to follow the Twins path and build through the draft and retain their studs.

    This is the path that the Patriots and Eagles have paved.
    to consistent winning.

    If you think Zygi is worse than Red.
    wake up!

    By the way were Randy and Daunte leading us to a Super Bowl. . . . no.

    Why, because Red wouldn't put up his money and get a defense to make that run.

    Then he left the cupboard bare and now the Vikings are reloading.

    This ownership group and coaches want to win. . . more than we fans do - believe that.

    They are doing their best and we need a little patience, things will get better.

    How the hell did "true" fans put up with the 2001-2003 seasons - those teams sucked, oh yeah, but Daunte to Randy looked pretty - even in losing.

    This is my point - build a team, team, team and wins will come.
    Thank you. All the Daunte to Randy fans are the ones who can't stand seeing us pick up role players and no big name, huge contract players.

    Think of it this way. Right now our starting lineup offense without the draft looks like this

    QB: Tarvaris Jackson (BC Draft Pick)
    RB: Chester Taylor
    WR: Troy Williamson
    WR: Martin Nance/Jason Carter?
    FB: Tony Richarson
    TE: Jim Kleinsasser/ Visanthe Shaincoe
    OT: Ryan Cooke (BC draft pick)
    OG: Marcus Johnson
    C: Matt Birk (pro Bowler)
    OG: Steve Hutchinson (pro bowler)
    OT: Bryant Mckinnie

    That doesn't look TERRIBLE pre-draft and 5 days into FA. Let's say realistically that we pick up two WR's in the draft and 1 more in FA. Maybe Jason Hill and Sydney Rice. That is not that bad of a lineup at all if Tarvaris can pan out. Definitely some continuity from last year.


    DE: Erasmus James/ Darrion Scott
    DT: Kevin Williams (pro bowler)
    DT: Pat Williams
    DE: Kenechi Udeze/ Ray Edwards (edwards a BC draft pick)
    WLB: Chad Greenway (BC draft pick)
    MLB: EJ Henderson
    SSLB: Ben Leber
    CB: Antoine Winfield
    CB: Cedric Griffin (BC draft pick)
    SS: Darren Sharper
    FS: Greg Blue, Tank Williams, Dwight Smith (Blue a BC draft pick)

    defense looks great. young talent mixed with proven veterans, mix in a couple of draft picks at nickel and DE and we are set on D and have continuity from the #1 rushing D in the league last year.

    People act like we're so far away from being a good team. If our offensive line can improve as a unit, we pick up a couple of WR's that can catch the ball, and T-Jack comes along nicely as expected, we could surprise a lot of teams next year. Look at what a difference one FA move and 2 draft picks did for the saints last year. Same goes for the jets.
    Yes we need WR's, but if Quinn is available without giving up too much, the Vikes need to take him.
    TJ isn't the answer, Quinn could be ready to go NOW.
    You can pick up Wr's later in draft.

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    Re: PISSED!

    "stjmnsota" wrote:
    Yes we need WR's, but if Quinn is available without giving up too much, the Vikes need to take him.
    TJ isn't the answer, Quinn could be ready to go NOW.
    You can pick up Wr's later in draft.
    I almost agree with your post...

    Yes, we need WR's but if Quinn is available without giving up anything, and if no other #7 worthy players are available (i.e. CJ, Gaines Adams, Thomas), then the Vikes could take him.
    TJ may be the answer, but Quinn could be ready to go sooner.
    You can pick up Wr's later in draft.
    Zeus wrote:
    When are you going to realize that picking out the 20 bad throws this year and ignoring the 300 good ones does not make your point?


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