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    Re: Philly may Postpone Game Due to Snow Emergency

    Quote Originally Posted by "Mr Anderson" #1085775
    Quote Originally Posted by "Zeus" #1085754
    Quote Originally Posted by "Mr Anderson" #1085696
    Or to give the Eagles passing game a chance.

    If this is a ground game, we win it, especially if Peterson plays.

    Mind you, it was them who said the game isn't playable, not the league.

    They also said the fans can't safely get there - why should that matter? We had to play in the stadium of one of our division rivals, I would have much rather had no one there.
    Snow favors the passing game. Something I read recently (I think it was on Cold, Hard Football Facts).

    Think about it - if footing is affected by snow/ice conditions then:
    * Pass rushers are slowed getting off the ball
    * Pass catchers are less affected than pass defenders because they know where they are supposed to go.
    * Running backs are affected because they need to "cut to daylight".

    What about wind?
    Yeah, I break it once in a while.:woohoo:

    I doubt the Iggles wanted the game moved because now they are faced with playing 3 games in 13 days including a playoff game. That is pretty brutal to go through at this point in the season with a QB who runs and takes as many hits as Vick does.

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    Re: Philly may Postpone Game Due to Snow Emergency

    The 'Wussification of America'

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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