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    Re: Is Peterson overrated?

    "singersp" wrote:
    "umaguma1979" wrote:

    Toward the end of the season, teams started stacking the box on the Vikings.
    This mitigated AP's effectiveness.

    Now that the Vikings have a legitimate #1 (berrian) and emerging #2 (Rice), teams will have to play the pass as well.
    The key of course will be TJ getting the ball to his receivers.

    Robert Smith was a great back, but he always had a good line, great receivers, and for the most part - good QB play.
    His last 4 games were definitely his worst, but in 3 of those same 4 Taylor faced that same situation & had much better success. Why is that?

    I wouuld only venture to guess that when AD was in there & him not being a good pass blocker, the defenses were damn confident he was getting the ball.

    When Taylor was in there, those odds of it being a run vs a pass, probably weren't as great.

    Unless AD gets a lot better at pass blocking, we'll be tipping our hand as to what type of play we might be calling based on which RB happens to be in there.
    Did Taylor really face the same situations though?

    When Peterson was in the game, teams knew that we were running the ball and could stack the box.

    With Taylor thrown in there they weren't sure what to expect, and couldn't get away with 8+ in the box.

    IMO Chester Taylor was a change of pace and created questions for the defense, so he was able to pick up yardage where Peterson could not.

    Once Peterson gets to the point where he can block like Taylor, and he's not a liability in the passing game, he'll be even more dangerous.

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    Re: Is Peterson overrated?

    no, and i can bet that all the teams that stacked 9 guys in the box would agree
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    Re: Is Peterson overrated?

    I do not believe Adrian Peterson is overated, I've seen things from that guy that nobody has ever done, the size, speed, vision, power, elusiveness, work ethic, and he's humble. He has a complete package unseen in the NFL. There have been many many great backs but if Peterson stays healthy he has a serious chance at becoming the best ever. Not to mention be broke the rushing record for one game his rookie season, thats scary.

    IMO Peterson has one huge weekness that not many mention. He runs with a reckless abandon and it will land him on injured reserve list I can garuntee it. Nobody can stay healthy running like that and he must learn to protect his body when possible.

    Peterson hit a slump because our offensive line hit a slump not because he was wearing a knee brace. Nearing the end of the season the offensive line just wasn't getting it done even though our passing game was improving. A perfect example of not getting it done would be the Redskins game where we couldn't even break the line of scrimage, instead we asked Tarvaris to throw it 41 times and we all know how that turned out. I can't pinpoint the exact reason for the slump but I do know as an offense we were predictable. We had little threat from the WR position combined with youth at QB. What doesn't make sense is how we ran on heavy fronts for the past two years then hit the wall at seasons end, we were hardly able to run on the Broncos horrible defense.

    Getting a fresh start this year will be fun, the guys are rejunvinated, we got better at WR and our QB takes his job seriously. I do think are one or two moves along the offensive line that would bring youth and a fresh attitude.

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    Re: Is Peterson overrated?

    Although it's not a true game it still showed what kind of pop a rested healthy AD has.

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    Re: Is Peterson overrated?


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    Re: Is Peterson overrated?

    at the end of the season he was coming off an injury, and his fading off could also be due to him tiring out from the long season the nfl has. he played four more games then he ever has in his football career, im sure he wont fade at the end of this season

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    Re: Is Peterson overrated?


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    Re: Is Peterson overrated?

    bad call saying peterso is overrated.We have our own god in purple chat,his name is purple jesus.crusades have started over religious diagreements b4

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    Re: Is Peterson overrated?

    He is because every year there is some overrated rookie who breaks the record for yards in a single game
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    Re: Is Peterson overrated?

    lets say you take away his 2 best games, and his 2 worst games and compare that to the same
    for any other rookie.. and you'll see that he managed to do more then and adaquit job as a rookie.

    now add in more time spent with the coaching, better team work with the oline, and some game time experience and you'll see a rushing attack i truely do believe that will be top 3 in the nfl if not the top.

    over rated.. no... over hyped.. yes

    the difference.. he wasn't bush hyped before the year started.. and he proved himself to gain his top tier stature.


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