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    Peterson finds adoring fans in return to Oklahoma

    [size=13pt]Peterson finds adoring fans in return to Oklahoma[/size]

    By JEFF LATZKE, Associated Press

    NORMAN, Okla. - Adrian Peterson sat down and smiled, posing for a picture among a dozen kids who'd signed up for the chance to learn some football skills from one of the NFL's top running backs.

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    Re: Peterson finds adoring fans in return to Oklahoma

    [size=13pt]Peterson's Norman conquest[/size]

    By GUERIN EMIG World Sports Writer

    Last Modified: 6/28/2008
    2:33 AM

    Former OU star returns to host a summer camp.

    NORMAN — Adrian Peterson carried a football on the Oklahoma campus again Friday. He tucked it in his arm, crouched and juked with a sudden stutter-step to avoid a swarm of pursuers just like he did so many Saturdays at Owen Field from 2004-06.....

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    Re: Peterson finds adoring fans in return to Oklahoma

    Thanks for the reads my friends.

    There aren't many that can take a god given talent and then take it to a whole new level and I'm not talking about running faster or scoring more touchdowns my friends.

    This guy is one of them.

    "He really enjoys it," said Nelson Peterson, who looked on as his son smiled for one team photo after another for nearly an hour. "He enjoys the kids."
    Darbyshire estimated a third of the 400-plus campers had their $199 registration fee underwritten by corporate sponsors connected to Peterson. There was even a cluster of campers bused up from Peterson's home town of Palestine, Texas.
    IMHO, he is not only the best thing to happen to the Vikes in alot of years (and that includes Moss) but to football as well.

    Still pisses me off that I missed seeing him when he was here in VA.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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