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Thread: Peterson?

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    Re: Peterson?

    "fanfrom1969" wrote:
    Can't see the game- lovin' the score though. Is Peterson OK? -2 yards on 6 carries at the half. Anybody know why?
    "kspurplepride" wrote:
    i'd like to know this as well, because Fox in my area chose not to take a double header
    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    I dunno, getting stuffed.
    CT doing good.

    I think we will see more of him this half.
    It's pretty simple. I said it before several weeks ago. AD cannot pass block very well, so when he's in there there's a very high percentage that it will be a run to AD.

    SF has been bringing several blitz packages in there. If AD is in there, he is going to be the target since a run is almost assured. When C-Tay is in there, who can pass block, it's not clear whether it will be a pass or a run, so Tarvaris is more than likely the target & they protect for the pass more, which opens it up a bit more for C-Tay.

    AD needs to improve his pass blocking abilities to open up his run game otherwise he'll be the "D's" primary target who will be thinking run play, not a pass play.

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    Re: Peterson?

    The Coaches (to There Credit) recognized early in the second half that there was no need to force a less than 100 percent AD into a lot of hard running, possibly risking another set back to the knee. Obviously the Brace is bothering him too. The Niners did a good job of taking AD out of the plan but honestly, the run C.Tay scores on was blocked well enough that either one of them could have scored. It just happened to be Chester Taylor that got the call. If AD was in on the play I bet he scores as well. Isn't it great to have this double threat and be able to use either guy as a decoy for the passing attack?? I think it's great!

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