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Peter King of Sports Illustrated reports Vikings quarterback Brett Favre told him he pulled or strained his groin in practice on Wednesday and took it easy in practice for the rest of the week. There was never any question he'd play, he said. But about an hour before the game, during pregame warmups at Lambeau with the groin wrapped tightly, he aggravated the muscle on the field. "I told T-Jack [backup Tarvaris Jackson] and [offensive coordinator] Darrell Bevell I may not be able to do it,' he said. "I didn't know if I'd be able to drop back very well. After I aggravated it, there was no way I was going to be able to move around in the pocket very much. We never called one bootleg the whole game. But we made it through OK.'
it didn't seem to bother him too much, hopefully its nothing to worry about, good thing we have a bye this week.
Thats because the OL played its jiggly butt off.
Anyone else want Birk back?

Ummmm yes. Did you see that early snap that could have hurt us big time? Good thing our D bailed us out.
Silent count, Favre did a big left-leg step which looked like the snap signal.
Sully took the blame, but I think Favre should take some, too.
Any other mistakes by Sullivan?
Not that I saw.

I had him down for realeasing early off of a double with Herrera resulting in AD getting dropped for a loss.

Tough call on his part, stay or release so you can get out to the next guy but a mistake none-the-less.

The way I look at it, its kindof along the lines of the "One Time" Chad was out of position.
Sometimes the opposition just makes a good play and we get fooled.