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    Peter King

    this guy isnt even a vikings reporter, hes just calling itt he way he saw it i guess.........

    Peter King:


    It's amazing, and a little sad, that the Minnesota special-teamer Derek Ross actually had possession of the fumbled Robert Ferguson kickoff return in the final minute of the Packers-Vikings game. And Ross was down before the pigpile got the ball disengaged from him and into the hands of a Packer. Green Bay then moved a few yards into field goal range and won. That stolen ball, quite likely, is the difference between the Vikings having a two-game lead over the Packers this morning and the Pack and Vikes being tied at 5-4 atop the NFC North.
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    Peter King

    since we are talking about media personalities,

    I am sick of Cris Collinsworth. I wish someone would stuff a sock in his scrawny ass mouth.

    He truely is a Vikings Hater.

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