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    Quote Originally Posted by Marrdro View Post
    So the following question is, why didn't he get better the next year? Is it on him to get himself better? Maybe its on the other OLmen to teach him?

    You above all others on here should know that the coaches are there to teach players, all of them. If that doesn't happen they won't get better.

    Again, our coaching staff is questionable at best and the players that are on this team aren't going to get any better without those guys stepping up and coaching them.
    I believe that the scheme ran on the Rt side his Rookie season was s simplified scheme. He and Hererra were able to work together on simple reads and reactions backside. The last two years more have been thrown on his plate and the fact that he missed Hererra and the added instability at the RG position has often left him looking like a mess. He's also not being coached up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tastywaves View Post
    McNabb was a multiple Pro Bowl QB who was brought in to carry the load while Ponder got up to speed. When it was clear that McNabb was not going to put us in a position to make a playoff run, we cut bait and decided to get Ponder experience. Comparing there performance is meaningless without looking at the end goal. Same thing with the Webb comparisons. If the coaching staff feels that Webb is not going to be the long term answer, then why invest in his development. If they believe Ponder can be a long term answer, then take the shot at it. I don't fault there approach and I would do the same if I was in their shoes from what I've seen thus far.

    When you throw the ball in the dirt, it is pretty hard to get an INT, I will give McNabb that. Ponder will continue to throw INT's this year, but hopefully he will also show more productivity with TD's and moving the chains.

    IMO, he is the only QB on our roster that has the potential of being a franchise QB. Find out as soon as you can if that is the case, and if not, keep searching.
    I not only agree with this, I, will add that I think the Vikes should move Webb to WR.

    The QB decision is made, let's see what Ponder can do with an offseason program, more options to throw to, and some shitty in-game decisions to learn from. I think it is a long-shot for Ponder to be a "Franchise" QB...they are quite rare. I do think he is capable of being a very good starter, leader, and winner.

    McNabb's overthrows and pile drivers burrowing in the turf inspired a drinking game in the MaxVike household. He was awful, and, getting worse.

    Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent
    As a matter of fact, I do know

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