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    Percy requests trade

    Fox9's Dawn Mitchell just reported that Percy Harvin has requested to be traded from the Vikings

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    This comes as a pretty bid surprise. It also makes it clear that singer was right something else must of really pissed Harvin off. Looking at it from another perspective I wonder what his trade value is.

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    A little annoying to have to through this process this way but something will get done
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    While I agree that Vikings have issues from top to bottom, Harvin has always seemed like a bit of a spoiled brat who pouts until he gets what he wants. I really enjoy watching him play, but wouldn't be totally heartbroken if we lost him (AD on the other hand...). I wouldn't be against trading him if we can get good value.

    I honestly hope he has a long, successful career in the NFL. Can't blame him for wanting to leave, I see both sides.
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    I don't think it is about contract. I think it is about being competitive, and Percy realizes that the Vikings simply are not going to be competitive in the next couple of years.

    I would rather not see him traded, but I understand where he is coming from, and I don't have any animosity against him. If we can do the trade the right way and get multiple high draft picks, then I could live with it. Especially if he is unhappy. I don't want anybody in the locker room who isn't happy.
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    I'm don't blame the guy. We are a mess of an organization. He was used only 50% of the time last season. Can you imagine Steve Smith being used on only 50% of the plays? He was all we had and he clearly doesn't like the offense being put in. I figure we are going extremely TE focused and it looks like his playing time would drop even more with Childs and Wright and Simpson since our OC likes big blocking WRs. Good luck Percy. I would love to see you on the Pats (who I hate) to see what BB would do with you. I'm sure Brady will get you 1300 yards 500 rushes and 15 Tds. We can cross the Browns off the list.

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    Trade him to steelers for Mike Wallace

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    What a bitch. This makes me love AP so much more. Just mad that my girlfriend bought me a stitched Harvin jersey. Damn.
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    I'm not sure what to make of this.

    If it's a contract issue it seems like he's making a pretty big bet before the cards are even on the table.

    Perhaps his off season surgery, history of migraines and all the concussion talk have got him thinking about the impact an NFL career is going to have on him, all while entering the smallest year of his contract.

    If that's the case, we should pay the guy. He's a great player. He's performed every year. The only knock on him is his apparent lack of durability. Despite that, he deserves more than what he's due to make this year.

    If it's a genuine desire to play elsewhere, I'm afraid there's very little chance this ends well. If he plays in 2012 and we have a miracle season where he's on the field as often as he should be and gets the ball a lot, maybe we can make him stay. I can't help but think that Childress planted the seeds of discontent in this situation. Retaining a Childress hire as the head coach is probably leading to a lot of the same problems. Of course, if we have a good season that could motivate Harvin to want to stay, we'd have a hard time firing Frazier.

    The one thing I don't understand about guys demanding a trade, for non-financial reasons, is they don't know where they'll end up. What if we trade him to Jacksonville?

    I say, keep him around for 2012, get him the ball a ton, make him the featured part of the offense with Peterson returning from injury. Fire Frazier after the season. Bring in a head coach who's going to get guys to want to play here. If he still wants out, he'll be 25 coming off a productive season, trade him.

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    Percy requests trade

    This isn't the NBA Percy. Buck up, step up, be part of the solution, not the problem. If you view this approach as leadership, you are sadly mistaken. You are a terrific player, among my favorites, but, this is a major disappointment on many levels.

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