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    Percy Harvin vs. Sidney Rice Official Thread

    hey guys,

    I wouldn't be surprised if this thread has already been posted but I want PPO input on this one. Percy Harvin or Sidney Rice.

    Although Sidney Rice is such a great flanker reciever who has Larry Fitzgerald abilities (With more athleticism), Percy Harvin is an irreplacable slot reciever dynamic enough to score from anywhere on the field. His impact on third downs has been significant and although his stats aren't as good Sidney Rice, I still believe he is our best reciever and his impact to this team has been once again IRREPLACABLE. Who would you choose. (And please state your reasoning)!!!


    Sidney Rice- 67 Receptions 1075 Yards(Leads NFC) 5 Touchdowns
    15 20 yard plus plays
    6 40 yard plus plays
    70.1 percent first down percentage.

    Percy Harvin- 48 receptions 681 yards (Leads rookies) 6 TDs
    12 20 yard plus plays
    3 40 yard plus plays
    77.3 percent first down percentage.

    13 Carries 113 Yards 8.7 yard average

    29 Yard Kick Return Average 2 TDs.

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    Re:Percy Harvin vs. Sidney Rice Official Thread

    This is an extremely tough call. Sidney is really coming into his own after an ok rookie season and an injury filled second year. Percy has been an absolute stud all year long. I'm excited for the fact that we could have these two makin plays together for the next 5-7 years. Throw in AD and we have some absolute beasts at some extremely important offensive positions for a long time.

    I'm gonna go with Percy on the debate for the simple fact that he goes over the middle more and seems to be a bit more of a physical receiver (not trying to take anything away from Rice).

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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    Re:Percy Harvin vs. Sidney Rice Official Thread

    Gamecock vs. Gator? who u think i'm gonna choose?? check my name and check my pic of Sidney when he was wearing garnet
    Ponder this....

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    Re:Percy Harvin vs. Sidney Rice Official Thread

    I'll take the game-changer Percy Harvin as a better overall football player with no disrespect to Sidney Rice.

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