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Thread: Paul Allen

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    Re:Paul Allen

    Zeus wrote:
    Formo wrote:
    To the people that call PA a 'homer'.. Define 'homer' for me.

    Just because he is entheusiastic about the BRETT FAVREs and gets excited does NOT mean he's a homer.. No matter how much a fan from another team says so.
    PA is a homer, for sure. That's *not* a bad thing, for the home-town broadcast network.
    I agree. Fans and the team owner, I am certain, expect the local broadcast announcer to be somewhat of a homer. Would anyone want to listen to Joe Buck and Matt Millen do the play by play?

    As it is, I have the radio commentary on while I watch a game on television. I guess I am somewhat of a homer.

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    Re:Paul Allen

    Paul Allen is a huge homer. Anyone who sees otherwise is flat out wrong. That said, being a homer is pretty much a prerequisite for doing radio play by play in a local market, whether it be Minneapolis or New York. The guy who does the yankees does that "theeeeeeeeeeeeee yankeeeees wiiiiin" whenever they win a game. It's radio where the sound tells the story and you have to make it exciting with your voice. On TV, a lot of times you can say nothing and let the visuals and the crowd carry you.

    I like PA's calls for radio. He can make a 5 yard run sound exciting. I wouldn't call him "the best in the business" by any means.. a lot of national radio hosts think he's a total joke because of how "hyped" up he gets on every single call but I like him for what he does and because I love the Vikings. Professionalism? A little lacking within the calls but again, what do you want him to do?

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