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    Pat Williams conditioning

    I am not trying to be funny with this title, I just was wondering something.

    I am doing a little office day today, since nobody wants to see a salesman on the day before Christmas.
    So I am watching the Bears game again on TiVo, and something struck me.
    I notice it almost every week, so I thought I would ask the question...

    Am I the only one that gets concerned sometimes when I see Phat Pat standing there sucking some major wind after a play.
    There are times when the strained look on his face as he tries to gulp down air that I get concerned that I am about to watch a heartattack right before my eyes.
    I swear just about everyweek I see him like that at some point.
    And while I appreciate a guy giving every ounce of efffort as he does, I just wondered if I am the only guy that gets concerned sometimes watching that scene playout.

    Anyone else?

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    Re: Pat Williams conditioning

    He is a big dude! They suck wind no matter how in shape they are. I am not concerned.

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    Re: Pat Williams conditioning

    What is his weight?

    it's hard for a big man to play that physical and running and pushing and all that kind of stuff, but i don't think that it is that big of a problem. I think if the coaching staff and the medical staff did think it was that big of a problem he'd be out more plus not getting that big contract extension right?
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    Re: Pat Williams conditioning

    Big Pat is well conditioned, they all have conditioning test during the season, almost weekly, their weight is monitored and if they do not pass the conditioning test they are not going to play.

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    Re: Pat Williams conditioning

    Pat is fine, the last time he didn't pass conditioning tests and came in over weight, he sat out training camp for like 2 or 3 weeks and could only do excercises until he hit his weight.

    He's a big dude, but he's fine.
    Now, look at Rodgers on the lions, thats a guy thats got a conditioning problem.
    He used to be a good DT.. but he's fallen off, an announcer even said during a game this year "he's just plain not in shape.." Pat plays hard, now if he left the field on critical running downs because he needed an oxygen tank or water, then i'd be worried

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    Re: Pat Williams conditioning

    I see no issues with his conditioning.

    I would just chalk it up to "Maximum Effort" and thus the need to rotate players so much in this day and age.

    If he wasn't sweating and sucking wind I would think he was taking plays off.
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    Re: Pat Williams conditioning

    I personally don't care if he sucks wind or anything else, as long as he keeps playing like this.

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    Re: Pat Williams conditioning

    Pat Williams Conditioning Secrets:

    jk of course.
    Phat Pat is the best.

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    Re: Pat Williams conditioning

    He's not sucking air. He's sucking the life out of our opponents.

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    Re: Pat Williams conditioning

    If anybody his size has played as long as he has, who cares if he's in shape.

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