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Thread: Pass Routes

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    Pass Routes

    I want some answers from members who have seen more than what the TV shows us. The very simple question is this: Is anyone running deep pass routes?
    Aside from two passes -- one dropped the other brought bqack because of a penelty, in the Packers game and virtually every other game all I see are short over the middle or outside routes and screen passes that gain little or nothing. Are we trying to run deeper routes and don't have receivers who can get open or is this team just based on a short passing game because that's the style of the WCO?
    I wouldn't mind the short routes if the receiver at least ran the route beyond the first down markers but all season ling it's been 3rd and 8 and they run a four yard route.
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    Re: Pass Routes

    IDK, because I only see what is on TV too, but the one replay I noticed last night was on a 3rd and long. They showed the camera angle over Tarvaris's head, and we had I think 3 receivers out on patterns. Two of the three stopped short of the first down marker and Wiggins was the only one that went deep, and he ended up between 3 guys in the zone. I forget what happened on the play, it was either a sack or a short dumpoff that forced us to punt.

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