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    PrPackSux! wrote:
    C Mac D wrote:
    I[Well..b]NodakPaul wrote:[/b]
    jessejames09 wrote:
    I might be a little bit late, but I'll throw in my rather optimistic two cents.

    There isn't a better time to come undone and take a hearty ass kicking. We need to play good football in the playoffs, fuck a flawless season. 15-1 (us) and 16-0 (pats) were both failures. we need to peak in weeks 18 and 19. I like to think this loss lets off some pressure that was on the team, and gives us something to fight for again. Hopefully the team can fight for a first round bye, and carry on that form to the Superbowl.

    I really hope that was as much as a make up call for the team as it was for us fans.

    week 16 Dec 21 2008 PIT 14 @ TEN 31
    week 12 Nov 25 2007 MIN 41 @ NYG 17

    The last 2 Superbowl winners took their lumps before getting their shit together, when it counted. Why can't we?

    Fuck I'm optimistic....

    Why can't we? Because then the fatalists wouldn't be able to say they were right...

    It is a typical pessimistic attitude - predict the worst so they can say "I told you" so if they are right, and "I'm glad I was wrong" if they aren't. They are too scared to take a risk emotionally to hope for the best.

    Screw that. I am optimistic. I expect a first round bye. I expect to make the NFC Championship game. I think there is a VERY good chance we make - and win - the Super Bowl. And you know what? I am loving being a Vikings fan right now. Is there a chance I may see those hopes shattered? Yup, but I am willing to take that risk to enjoy what is happening now.

    How empty would a Vikings Super Bowl win be if it was just your consolation prize. "I was wrong, but at least we won a Super Bowl..." I think it is going to be much more fulfilling to be right and win the Super Bowl. Higher risk, higher reward.
    Well... I guess the easy way out is just call us fatalist, rather than admit we've looked at the facts (favre's well noted late season declines and our coaches innability to garner any authority over his team), something many of us have been warning of since the beginning of the season... but your right, we're not just using facts and common sense, we're simply fatalist.

    I'd rather be a fatalist than simply ignore facts and act like everything is all good on the surface. Worst part, you know I'm right...
    Out of 32 teams only 2 teams have a better record then us.

    You actually have followers that believe your propaganda?
    probably... anyone who studies the facts and thinks rationally.
    Disclaimer: I'm an idiot.

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    Prophet wrote:
    jargomcfargo wrote:
    If Childress doesn't allow any audibles, we are heading back to an offense that will score 20 points a game, and win or lose by 3 points.

    If Favre disregards Childress and the value of establishing a running game, we will see more picks, a tired and less effective defense, and have a hard time winning.

    I hope Childress is smart enough to realize there has to be a middle ground in all this.
    Or this great team could go to waste.

    What do you think?
    I think you hit the bottom-line. I don't buy into all the bullshit speculation. Favre is ~a two decade veteran in the NFL and should be allowed to audible or I agree that the 20 pts/game and lose by 3 pts is too close to home. That was the case in most losses in the first years of Childress' tenure.

    It does make you wonder though, is Childress nadless? Was the dressing in drag forshadowing?

    Either way they have 3-4 weeks to get their collective heads out of their asses and play their game in the playoffs.

    What is up with the negativity on these boards, supposedly disguised as realism. It is pathetic. The Vikings have a helluva team and the same pundits that are now thrashing Childress/Favre were praising the Vikings just weeks ago regarding Childress' extension and Favre's run at MVP. If the Vikings smeer their opponents to finish off the season then the pundits will be back to sniffing crotch. If they don't then they will continue the drama.

    The team needs to start to gear up for the playoffs now. This is the equivalent to preseason. Run the fucking ball down their throats and let them try to stop it and then let Favre tear them apart through the air. The team is built for that.
    I can only respond with a question or two, or three or four.

    Is Brett Favre stupid enough to come back and get his body banged around, at his age, and still be egotistical enough to think it is about him and not the team?

    I don't think so. Look how he has lit up the careers of Rice, schiancoe, and Harvin.

    Is Childress stupid enough to realize that Brett needs to be a part of the game planning process?

    I do think so.

    I also think the disconnect is Bevell.

    The solution to the riff is to include Brett in the game planning during the week.

    Let them argue it out during the week so they are all on the same page come game day.

    There are a hell of a lot of very talented players on this team. They are capable of winning a superbowl.
    Hell, they are the most talented and balanced team the Vikings have had in decades.

    Childress and Favre both want to win down to the very core of their souls.

    As a fan, all I can say is, don't fuck it up for all those other great players who pour there hearts and bodies out for you, week in and out, because you are so stupid you miss this opportunity.

    Childress and Favre, get this shit worked out.

    Put yourselves in castoration mode.

    Kick the shit out of the teams you face.

    And go take the thing that is so rare, the superbowl.

    It truly is with in your grasp.

    This opportunity, for you two, may never be there again.
    “What takes a quarterback to the next level is not arm strength or mobility or any of that stuff. It’s the ability to play on critical downs. Manage third downs, or red zones or four-minute or two-minute situations"

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