Well as you all know I sat through the debacle called a football game yesterday and it was quite painful. The Vikes looked probably the worst I have seen in some time, having awesome seats was no constilation but it gave me a chance to see a lot of stuff we don't usually see on T.V. Culpepper looked frustrated and confused most of the game and spent most plays looking for someone to get open or running for his life. I can say one thing though.... we need to call for Steve Loney's head on a stick...and Tice's too for that matter. The play calling was horrible and you could see the frustration in the huddle in all of those long T.V. timeouts. They were very animated w/ each other w/ C-pep having it seems pep talks w/ the team. It was very sad to watch. When he did throw it looked as if he was just tossin it up for grabs as nobody was open. The play where he was picked of in the endzone was right in front of me.. C-pep just threw it in there w/ nobody open and orange jerseys everywhere. I also had to tolerate the chants of "who-dey" for three hours and a loud mouth telling me why we sucked so bad from 4 rows back. It was a lesson in humility since the vikes gave me nothing to respond with. After watching the Bengals blow up our D... embarass our O...and harass our fans..I came to a sobering conclusion..I don't see things getting much better....but hope springs eternal I guess...SKOL