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    Packers website Time 4!!!

    Very funny story! I went on the packers website to give them a hard time! Saying after tonight they will be 1-4 and instead of talking smack back they just removed my name, and will not allow me to post anymore on there site! I guess they dont believe in a little good old smack talk!Typical packer site though they cant take anybody being a critic of there team.

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    Packers website Time 4!!!

    Well if you went to they don't really allow anybody to talk smack around there. However, most other sites will though so maybe they are just mad if it wasn't packerchatters. just don't make us look like dumbasses

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    Packers website Time 4!!!

    packerchatters is really more of a discussion and news area than a rabid fan, chest-thumping crowd. Its just simply not the same as PurplePride.

    times4 is a little more like PurplePride, though I don't frequent there. They will get into the chest-thumping, and be more rude with trolls.
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