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    Re: Packers vs vikings predictions (one of the last ones of these posts)

    what i'd like to see is neither team win. i want it to be a tie! ugh.
    BonoSugaRay IS Betamethasone Dunkin

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    Re: Packers vs vikings predictions (one of the last ones of these posts)

    "bono" wrote:
    what i'd like to see is neither team win. i want it to be a tie! ugh.
    Jared Allen don't like Ties...

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    Re: Packers vs vikings predictions (one of the last ones of these posts)

    "HEY" wrote:
    OK, so this is how "Ihatevikings" believe it is:

    Runningbacks - AD

    Quarterbacks - Packers

    O-line - Packers

    D-line - Vikings

    Receivers - Packers

    Tight ends - tie

    Corners -
    ??? (you didn't really say who's best)

    Safeties - Vikings

    Linebackers - Packers

    Special teams - Packers

    I agree an a few of them, but I didn't like that you make it seem like Green Bay has waaay better linebackers than Minny. I think we have very good linebackers and as a matter of fact. I think our linebackers will be better than yours this season. Hawk and Greenway are almost equally good and so is EJ and Barnett. I don't know much about the Packers' LOLB, but Leber is pretty solid (he's very underated)

    Also, it sounds like you believe there is also almost a tie between the runningbacks. I think not! Adrian is soooo much better than Ryan. Hell! even our 2nd stringer might be around Ryan's level, Chester Taylor.
    The Vikings' running game is much better than the Packers, not only because of the two fenomenal RBs we have, but also because we have one of the best run blockers in the NFL.

    Now... I'll move to the honest (and humble) part. I think the Packs have the best tight end and cornerback duo.

    PS: At safeties, you said: "Packers have nothing special and Vikings have nothing special anymore so know what? I like atoine winfeild so give it to the vikings"
    Winfield is a CB!!!
    The most overrated part of the packers defense... Did you see how Al Harris got owned by Burress? Woodson is pretty good, but they are not the Best... better then the Vikings sure.

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    Re: Packers vs vikings predictions (one of the last ones of these posts)

    Is AD ever going to shake the injury-prone perception. He is not more susceptible than any other rb in the nfl IMO. As for his 'upright' style, at point of contact with a defender, he seems to get extremely low, with great leverage. I've seen him take a few hits near the sidelines while somewhat upright, but those types of hits are few and far between. If I was on the coaching staff, it would be tough to try and justify tweaking his natural style as it may hinder what he does best. Does the coaching staff even consider this an issue?

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    Re: Packers vs vikings predictions (one of the last ones of these posts)

    Personally i dont get it. First off calling some players injury prone, which IMHO is totally wrong. And secondly what the frak does that has to do with this games matchup?! Do you reckon the players you call injuryprone to be injured before or during the game?

    Perhaps in the long haul of the season it would matter, but for this matchup i dont give you any credit to add something like "injuryprone" into your equity!

    Or, if you would stand for your statement i could bet that none of those players you call injuryprone will be hurt on monday or even before the match. Wanna bet against me and how much?

    And besides. comparing CB vs CB , LB vs LB is in my opinion wrong. instead compare Vikings Pass D# vs Packers pass O#, and vice versa... Vikes runninggame v packers runnig D# and so forth. You will get a different answer and outcome of this game then!!

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    Re: Packers vs vikings predictions (one of the last ones of these posts)

    I'm not taking the bait, look for the Vikings Defense to win this game....

    Vikings: 23



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    Re: Packers vs vikings predictions (one of the last ones of these posts)

    I think that the Packer fans give their team far too much credit in certain areas.
    In previous years they had Favre to pull their tails from the fire - but Ted Thompson (fool) squandered that.

    AT RB:
    To class Ryan Grant as anything yet is premature.
    The guy has started 7 games and was able to make an impact because Favre and the Passing Game had been ripping up their soft schedule all season prior to Grant's emergence.
    Now that teams have film on Grant - and Favre is gone - look for him to get a lot lower production.

    AP is the better back, by far, over Grant, but what puts the Vikes over the top (WAAAAAY over the top) is the fact that they have TWO starting caliber RB's.
    So, to me, this arguement will be the same all seasons - the Vikings have the best tandem RB set in the NFL, and I'm betting that the statistics will support that over time.

    AT WR:
    This is a Packer strength right now.
    Jennings and Driver are, in my opinion, one of the best WR tandems out there right now.
    Minnesota is closing the gap with the addition of Berrian, but it will be the development of Rice that determines how close we've actually come.

    AT TE:
    When it comes to blocking TE's, the Vikings own that category.
    Kleinsasser is a monster who can also catch.
    unfortunately, he isn't used much in the catching capacity.

    So, it comes down to Lee versus Shiancoe.
    Lee had FAR better stats in '07.
    We'll see how much of that was QB influenced.
    Right now, I'd give the edge to Lee, but the loss of Favre lowers the impact.

    AT QB:
    This category is the one that the most hinges upon, IMO.
    Jackson has more experience, but didn't show much last season other than the ability to hand off to Peterson/Taylor.
    Rodgers has the perssure of following a HOF QB...worse, he's part of the reaons that the Packers ran a HOF QB out of town.
    In short, if he tanks, he takes the franchise leadership down with him.

    ...but no pressure, Aaron.

    This battle will be about stepping up and taking control.
    Both QB's have yet to show they can.

    AT OL:
    The Vikings have all the names, the Packers have a group that played above their ability all last season.
    Plus, McKinnie is out for 4 weeks for being stupid....again.
    For me, this one is up in the air.
    Kampman has blown up our line in the past, but I have a feeling that Allen isn't planning on playing patty-cake.
    I'll give the edge to the Vikes...but not by much.

    AT DL:
    No question.

    AT LB:
    Green Bay has had a good corps there for awhile, but the guys in Minnesota have really turned it on in the past few years.
    2 years ago this would be a Packer category hands down, now it's a much closer battle.

    AT DB:
    It has been my opinion that the Green Bay secondary has been living off the front seven for quite awhile.
    Whoopie Goldberg has shown his inability to hang with elite WR's by getting torched by T.O. and Plaxico "He can't cover me" Burress.
    And Woodson is a good hit away from being done forever.
    The wild card here will be Bigby.
    If he starts blowing people up - like he did versus Seattle - he can shut down the middle of the field.
    If he plays like he did versus New York....not so much.

    Minnesota, meanwhile, has had to make up for a lack of QB pressure which - hopefully - Jared Allen will help address.
    Our secondary has had some rough patches, but there is a solid core of players there now with a fair amount of depth.
    While a lot does hinge upon front 7 pressure, I think that this unit has played better than they have been given credit for.

    I like Minnesota's chances here.
    While on PAPER the two teams look similar, the departure of Favre will have an effect on BOTH teams.
    He MADE that Packer offense go, and he stole more games from the Vikings than I care to count.
    Minnesota will want to welcome Aaron into the NFCN by showing him his proper place....on the ground, with a facemask full of dirt.

    And while Green Bay will want to show that they haven't missed a beat without Favre, I smell fear.
    If Minnesota can crush them right away on MNF, in front of the entire nation, it starts the whole media circus about dumping Favre for Rodgers up again.

    My prediction:

    Emotion carries the day.
    The Vikings do what Vikings do best.
    Roll into your town and destroy everything they come in contact with.
    There are a lot of questions that will begin to get answered this Monday, and I have a feeling that Green Bay won't like the answers it starts to get a whole lot.


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    Re: Packers vs vikings predictions (one of the last ones of these posts)

    This game is a 6 PM (central time) start, isn't it.
    The next matchup box on the front page says 7.

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    Re: Packers vs vikings predictions (one of the last ones of these posts)

    [size=13pt]Quick Take: Vikings at Packers [/size]

    Posted: 12 hours 52 minutes ago

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Packers vs vikings predictions (one of the last ones of these posts)

    QB- Tie until one emerges
    RBs- Vikes hands down
    TE- Packers
    WRs- Packers
    Oline- Vikes
    Dline- Vikes
    LBs- Tie.. Too close to pick a favorite
    CBs- Packers
    Safetys- Packers.. With Williams in I would say Vikes.. We got a rookie for now so who knows
    K- Packers
    P- Vikes
    Coaching- Pack
    Homefield advantage- Pack


    Pack- 17

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