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    Packers vs colts

    That was a whoop'n, 45 points, 31 in the first half by the Colts.

    Even though the Colts d is soft, they are legit. Close game with the Pats, beat Tenn.

    Over 900 total yard in the game.

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    Packers vs colts

    wow what a game.

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    Packers vs colts

    Tice better keep this game in mind when we play the pack. just throw long bombs to moss, robinson and campbell, since the packs secondary cant cover anything.
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    Packers vs colts

    Talk about no defense did both teams forget to bring players?
    can we clone Bud Grant?

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    Packers vs colts

    Ugh what a game. I think Walker very well could have cost us the game with that fumble. 11 catches 201yds 3td's but a game killing fumble when we were driving to tie.

    Vikings won like I thought they would, but I was a bit surprised. The game wasnt a for sure thing until the final minutes. I still think the Pack and Vikes are the team to beat in the Norris.

    Do you guys think Seattle and the Lions are for real?
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    Packers vs colts

    i think the loins a for real,I also beleave the bears are good to hung around it good pull a playoff spot jones is a good rb
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