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Thread: Packers suck

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    Packers suck

    yes but two five yr olds are still younger than an 11 yr old who was held back a grade plus the two sixth graders minus the 10th grader who never went on th be a junior!!! HA put that in your pipe and smoke it people !!!!!
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    Packers suck

    Rivalries aside, favre is hands down the best qb i've ever seen. Can you guys imagine if that guy was leading our offense through the 90's?

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    Packers suck

    "cajunvike" wrote:
    I agree, Los, pretty juvenile. But "Ahman Gree, Fumbling Machine" does strike me as pretty funny. I must say that I would not be sad if he did cough up a few in the games against the Vikes this year. A few sacks on Favre would also be welcome, but I don't wish injury on anyone. Because the Vikes have had injury problems so far this year, I do hope that some other problems do pop up for the other elite teams in the NFL (just so the playing field is more level). Especially to the Patsies, the Iggles, and the Pack. Things like: poor decisions due to fluke monster games from expected-to-be inferior opponents (much like the Pack-Teddys game); stupid unprovoked fumbles, INTs, dropped wide open passes and penalties; players getting suspended for stupid sh*t; etc. You know, much like what the Vikes did LAST season, but will eliminate this year. Or at least if injuries have to happen, then that they be spread out evenly (numerically and talent/effect wise) among all of our competition. It really sucks that sometimes the team that wins the Super Bowl is the one who was lucky enough to not lose the most important cogs on their team.
    LOL this is an interesting line of conversation....Maybe texpack came out of the closet and has shown his true viking colors and is posting as vikingsalltheway
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